Rotary Meets Sister Club in Haiti and Delivers Generator

Royal Palm Beach Rotarian, Tony Armour, visits San Michel Rotary Club in Haiti to present the Royal Palm Beach Rotary Flag to San Michel Rotary Club President Henry Julbert. Tony also currently serves as the Royal Palm Beach Club’s Vice President.

(l to r) Tony Armour, of Royal Palm Beach and Henry Julbert, of San Michel, Haiti

Royal Palm Beach Rotarian, Tony Armour, is presenting the generator purchased by the Royal Palm Beach Rotary Club, to the community of Dondon, Haiti. The generator was purchased at the local Home Depot and flown to Haiti by Missionary Flights. Tony was able to meet the generator in Cap Haitien, Haiti to make the further delivery to Dondon. The generator replaces the community’s generator that broke down last month while serving it’s residents and over 700 children for school in the town of Dondon.

Rotarian Tony Armour in Dondon, Haiti


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