Rotary Youth Exchange Student Arrives from Brazil

Royal Palm Beach Rotary Club members, friends, and Rotary Youth Exchange outbound/inbound students met Rafael Camargos Santos at PBIA Sunday to welcome him to Florida as a Youth Exchange student. Rafael will be attending Royal Palm Beach High School for the school year 2010-2011 as a senior and staying at the home of Royal Palm Beach Rotarian and her husband, Terri and Glenn Wescott. He was sponsored by the Royal Palm Beach and Boynton Beach-Lantana Rotary Clubs.


                                         Fellow Rotarians and Friends Waiting to Greet Rafael                                                 



   Rotarian Tom Leinwol and Daughter, Hope

Rafael Right Off the Plane from Brazil Met By His Rotarian Friends and New Family

Rafael Talks to His Family in Brazil Using Skype From the Airport


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