Interact Joins Rotary Club Meeting

As they filed in, ten young promising members of Interact Club of Royal Palm Beach High School led by their Patron, Mr. Darrel Swartz and a Chaperon, Ms. Liz Lauscher, a Teacher, they were resplendent in attire, respectable in manner, vibrant in appearance, hopeful, energetic and contemplative of interaction between the new generation and established elders who would pass on the Barton of Service above Self to them.  The piety with which they invoked the Blessings, the solemnity with which the pledged Allegiance and the cadences of the cacophony of both young and the young at heart voices ringing out in unison singing the Fellowship Anthem, was awe inspiring, reassuring but also a manifestation of true love, genuine affection, unity of purpose and   a fair, beneficial camaraderie to all concerned.

He stepped out amidst applause to render his report of stewardship – past accomplishments, future schedule and request for support, the President of the Interact, Christopher Milliche, self-assured, and mild-mannered reported that he led his club on a successful International Beach Clean-up at Phipps Ocean Park on September 21st, 2013.  They participated in their school’s Homecoming with Dodgeball Tournament. Another successful outing was Holocaust Remembrance Day. However, his account of the Interact Club winning laurels consecutively for strident food drive of the County’s Sherriff’s Office Unified Food Drive, was testament of pursuit of the ideals of the Club concerning service to the community that transcends self. Diana Smith, President Elect confirmed and commended the efforts of these young ambassadors. After appealing for support for American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life coming up on April 5-6, 2014; he turned over to their Patron, Mr. Darrel Swartz to explain Darfur Fundraising Project.

Mr. Swartz gave a brief history of the conflict in Darfur and the reprehensible consequences of the war, rape and other violence against women and children who wander into the bush to eke out bare existence by hewing woods for cooking meals. He explained that in order to prevent the continued violation of these hapless women, a Company in U.S designed a simple Solar powered cooking utensil which he held up to the Club to view meant to serve the need of preparing meals at the cost of $40.00 each which last for one year. He therefore appealed for donations for purchase of the equipment for shipping to Darfur as the Interact’s Club major project. Moved by the plight of these people, Bassey E. Okon (BB) and Rayhn Ahmet, BB’s guest each donated $40.00 for the purpose.


The icing on the cake came when the President, Selena Samios called on BB to present certificates of recognition and celebrate the achievements of these young persons to incentivize them and motivate others towards participation in self-less service to the community. A Certificate of Achievement as Interact Student of the Quarter was awarded to Gabriella Garza along with a $25 Gift Card to Barnes and Nobles courtesy of Terri Westcott, PDG. The President, Christopher Milliche was awarded a Distinguished Service Citation along with the following: Daniel Ammons, Justin Eden, Peter Nguyen, Giovanna Garza, Alexander Milliche, Luis Felix, Gabriella Garza, and Sabrina Agramonte. The ovation was deafening for achievements of these young ambassadors who were elated for the reception, effusive warmth and demonstrable friendship of members of the Royal Palm Beach Rotary Club.

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